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Dont forget for players that want to earn omega marks as well they would have to play 45 minutes anyway. you were just playing one bit to get dilithium and one bit to get omega marks.

if you are only after dilithium, the change could be seen as worse, but if you want omega marks then you end up playing the same two bits of content for the same amount anyway.

if you want variety then its also better as your not grinding one type of content over and over. its swings and roundabouts.
What I'm concerned with is the demand of omega marks in the reputation system. I played infected elite once and I had enough marks to start 2 projects simultaneously. So I've started wondering if we will really need to run that many STF in the future, like we used to prior to S7 launch to get that shiny tech piece. I thought maybe it was a good idea to restrict the dilithium either to STF or FA but don't distribute the dilithium across the board. Anyways, this is a nerf only if the demand for Omega Marks is low in the reputation system.
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