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Originally Posted by admiralq1732 View Post
Challenge yes but not to this degree. WE had a timeship with us as well and we gave up on it. face it, there was not raon to touch STFs only had new ones and yet they did excatly that in a bad way.
beat it a few times in a (sit down for this) BIRD OF PREY.

it's your team, not the mission, which needs a rework.

Here are a few things you apparently failed to take note of the first run, so we'll go over them again...

The Borg Queen uses Science powers, just like a player. The unimatrix ships ALSO use science powers. This means you need....

a Science Officer with SNB, especially at the final stage against the eight-sided-dice-of-death.

It's also helpful to have someone on the team with crowd control, drains, and team-heals.

amazingly, just doing "Moar DPS!!!" isn't going to win the day for you. Big shocker there, it's one of the things a lot of STF'ers with experience have been wanting, and surprise-an all Tac-captain-team in Escorts isn't going to do the job this time.

an All-cruiser team isn't going to do it either-you need a balanced team to make this mission work. You may be ill-used to the idea of doing that, but the difference is as sharp as the difference between "normal" STFs and "Elites" in the last season-what works everywhere else? maybe doesn't work so well here-but it's neither impossible, nor unworkable unless you're so inflexible that you think what works in ISE is going to be worth a dime's difference in Onslaught.