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11-15-2012, 12:50 PM
Well, I bought the Vesta on the first day of S7 so I could use it for Tour (probably the one place where it is significantly OP, beat all my previous times by a minute or two despite the engine switching nerf, making a number of mistakes, and having to cross Tau Dewa). Here are my impressions so far.

Durability is, unsurprisingly, on par with other sci ships: tough shields, weak hull that usually doesn't matter because of the tough shields.

The phaser console may be OP, I haven't used either of the other superweapons (Gal-X lance and Guramba javelin), but this one is decidedly super. It gets 12k DPS for 12 seconds, then a 3 minute recharge (EDIT: actually 4k DPS, got the numbers mixed up somehow I guess). You do have to keep it on target for the full 12 seconds though, otherwise it deactivates and the rest of the run is lost.

The inertia is a bit worse than the Recon Sci, which is taking some getting used to, but is probably fair given the other advantages.

Firepower, which was the most contentious issue, has proved to be around what I expected. The overall feel is rather like my BoP but with only one CSV. Ultimately, while it has significantly better firepower than other sci ships, it doesn't seem at all out of line with what's needed in high level PvE.

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