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11-15-2012, 02:00 PM
Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
And PvP in STO is super easy to learn, it's not this mythical obscure art. Any of us would love to help you guys out! We really would, it'd make our day if we had one more newbie to crush in the queues.
Fix't. As for new people in the queues, nope, not gonna happen.

PvP is broken. It has been broken for years and the devs have made it clear they aren't interested in fixing it or even attempting to make it balanced. The main goal and focus of STO has always been on PvE content while the PvP was just an afterthought that was tacked on to give players something else to do.

PWE will exploit the **** out of it now. They've already started selling Zen ships that are significantly more powerful with unique consoles and advantages that give them a powerful edge in PvP. There's no way that anyone else can compete without a lot of hassle and frustration (and dying) or being a wallet-warrior and paying up.

And for what? Dilithium? Some marks? There are no PvP rewards that make it worthwhile to even bother PvPing.

No sorry, I doubt anyone cares if it would make the day to have one more newbie to crush in the queues.
The necessity of needing macros (keybinds in STO parlance for some odd reason) in order to keep up is only the tip of the iceberg.

Why waste time on unrewarding content?

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