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11-15-2012, 01:04 PM
BNP are the new EDC. You could turn in EDC for 10 to 1056 dil pre-patch. In-game, you can turn in 5 BNP for 1000 dil (I know the blog says 10, but that blog is the only place I have seen 10->1000, everywhere else says 5, including the assignment itself).

The old system awarded 1100 dil, 2 EDC, and some number of salvage for every run.
The new system awards 960 dil, 1 BNP, and some number of omega marks.

Both systems appear to be designed around the assumption that you work through stfs in two phases: gear farming, then transition into dil farming.

Gear farming phase:
Old system: 1100 dil/run + tokens for gear
New system: 960 dil/run + tokens for gear (rep is essentially gear progression. slow, but steady, instead of random. I have a preference, but it is irrelevant to this analysis).

Dil farming phase:
Old system: 1100 dil/run + 211.2 dil (2 EDC) + some number of tech/salvage conversions
New system: 960 dil/run + 200 dil (1 BNP) + 750 dil (OM)

The difference (assuming you get the optional every time) is about 600 dil.

That 600 dil equates to about 1 proto salvage/tech per 3.8 runs or 1 rare salvage/tech every 1.7 runs (exclusively).

It does seem like we get a small amount of less dilithium per run than previously. I think I would normally get salvage/tech more often than those estimates, though I never tracked any data so I don't know for sure.

I think the biggest confusion is the effective upgrade from green to purple quality of EDCs. People are confusing them for salvage equivalent, which they are not. Also, since we are all forced back into the gear farm phase until we hit t5, even if we were previously in the dil farm phase, we are forced to not be able to make the switch to dil farming until we have passed the time gate to get into dil farming.