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The Office of Naval Intelligence is a safe and relaxed atmosphere where players can come together to enjoy all the aspects of the game! We are a casual fleet and we don't fall into any specific category as far as what type of player we cater to.

In order for our fleet to grow, we believe that we need to have a strong leadership team that is willing to do their parts to help motivate our fleet members. In ONI, their are 2 categories of leaders.

FIELD MARSHALL - Our fleet Field Marshalls are a small group of ONI members that our fleet commander would be comfortable handing the entire operations of our fleet to in his absense. The members who have attained the rank of Field Marshall have proven their dedication to the fleet and have earned the trust and respect of their fellow fleet members and peers. Field Marshall is the highest rank of our fleet - Rank 7.
NOTE - The Fleet Commander is also a Field Marshall.

FLEET VICE ADMIRAL - Our Fleet Vice Admirals are the support team of the Field Marshalls. Each Fleet Vice Admiral is hand picked by the individual Field Marshalls at a ratio of 2 VA's per 1 FM. The responsibilities of our Vice Admirals is to ensure that the orders and directions of the Field Marshalls is carried out. We believe that the appropriate efforts of our Field Marshalls combined with our Vice Admirals is what will help our fleet flourish.

When a recruit is brought into our fleet, they are expected to abide by our #1 rule: Remain Social. We have noticed that a fleet is not effective if our members do not communicate with each other. The game provides a Fleet Chat Chanel and we expect our members to utilize it.

By following the rule of socialization, you will be guaranteed your first promotion within 1-3 days of being recruited into the fleet. By continuing to learn our fleet principles and rules, you will quickly find yourself moving up our General Membership ranks *Ranks 1-5*.

When you are recruited into ONI, you are pretty limited on the fleet resources available to you. The reason for this is TRUST. When you bump your first rank or two, the items and resources you can withdraw from become more opened up. Also, when you reach the higher ranks, you may be able to attend leadership meetings to help steer the direction of your family/fleet.

Now that I got the Nitty Gritty out of the way, I can talk about what makes ONI unique: Our Family Setting Atmosphere. We work hard to keep our fleet like a family. We are a community of friends and we will work together as needed. If you are having a bad and want to be left alone - then no problem! If you are wanting people to run missions with - then let your members know and you will most likely have people with you on your missions! As states earlier, we are a small community of friends that just want to enjoy the game and enjoy each others company.

1. We accept players of all ages/religions/orientations/play styles/exc.
2. We ask that the more members are online at any given time, the more you keep strong language at bay. We are a kid friendly fleet and don't know the ages of who is online.
3. We ask that any personal problems with fleet members be brought to attention via PRIVATE chanels and not our public chat chanel(s).
4. Please be tolerant of other peoples religious preferences who are in the fleet.

We regularly hold events for our members to participate in. Please review the following list of what events MAY be available.
1. STF Events - Requirements: At least 5 lvl 45-50 players
2. Story Missions - Requirements: None
3. Fleet Hangout Events - Requirements: None
4. Fleet Parties - Requirements: None - NOTE: These are basically the same as Hangout Events but the leadership includes rewards for meeting criteria for party specific objectives.
5. RP Sessions - Requirements - At least 6 members
6. Bible Studies - We occasionally hold Bible Studies for our religious members

The following is a list of our typical membership meetings and the requirements for the meetings:
1. General Meetings - Meet to discuss how members feel about the fleet - Requirements: All members welcome
2. Leaders Meetings - Discuss Fleet Internal Affairs - Requirements: Fleet Rank Vice Admiral or Field Marshall
3. Diplomatic Meetings - Meet to discuss diplomatic relations between ONI and other fleets - Requirements - Representative(s) from other fleets and ONI Field Marshalls
4. Discipline Hearings - While these are rare, these meetings are considered TOP BRASS - Requirements: Fleet Field Marshall

The Office of Naval Intelligence is a casual fleet. We welcome members of almost any play style. The following will list the play styles we support:
PVP - PVE - RP - STORY *Story missions*

NOTE - If any member is found to conduct themselves in a manner that would be deemed "Sexual" in nature, that member may face discipline up to and including emediate removal from the fleet. This is watched for in the following categories:
1. General public fleet chat
2. Instances of "ERPING" *Exotic Role Playing"
3. Private chat between fleet members
4. Harassment behavior

1. Any behavior deemed exessively sexual in nature
2. Harassment of other members and players
3. Discrimination based on orientation, religion, or dissability
4. Slandering members or our fleet

If interest in becoming a member, drop a line to any Office of Naval Intelligence member you may come across. OR you can contact one of the following people via /tell or in-game mail:

Thanks for taking the time to review our recruitment information and we hope that you will consider ONI your home for 1 or all of your toons. We look forward to seeing you!

Field Marshall Robas Zkali - 2nd in command - Office of Naval Intelligence