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Originally Posted by commodoreshrvk View Post

I'd also like someone to explain the real reason why a "tax" was levied on the 5-pack. 1,000 dilithium is enough for people to just not use it anymore so why not just remove it then. I am curious to see who still and would still toss 1k dilithium at most commonly 4 whites and a green.
Yes, 1000 Dil is a bit much, but not 2 seconds away is the oportunity to earn 480 dil every 20hrs if my memory is correct. So if you do the lore mission daily, your costs are soon covered. Heck, now that my Doffs are getting pretty blue heavy (have not done even one upgrind) I'm getting plenty of Dil to cover this new tax.

I'm more bothered about having to wait longer for my Doff's. Shouldn't me paying for them speed up the process instead of slowing it down?

As to the real reason... your kidding right?
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