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11-15-2012, 01:17 PM
Overall I am not happy as a number of issues have not been redressed. But am pleased there are some moves in the right direction.

Drop any first past the post reward system. Which penalizes anyone but a DPS Escort Monster. If not permit ques by ship type so can participate on an equal footing.

Introduce a report button for players who hang waiting for mission to end and get reward but take no action to complete the mission. Ban them from any group missions for an hour with an escalating length of penalty for repeat offense.

Why not have dilithium and gear drop such as Fed Mirror event with random drops throughout mission for all missions. Make it a consistent standard. With only the dilithium level changed. Depending on mission.

Keep Elite STF and any other Elite Missions at a higher level of dilithium return.

Encouraging participation by allowing a little more dilithium such as provision for ground missions. Nice idea use this on any content considered under used.

Add a bonus missions a day not just singular STF Wednesday.

Have the officer of the watch dailys provide 50 fleet marks and some dilithium as someone else suggested.

Add fleet marks as a reward on omega missions etc, such as been done with the romulan missions and perhaps added to general fleet actions as well.
If not reduce requirment on fleet marks as been done on dilithium for starbase projects.

Reduce the special projects dilithium requirements from 200K to 50K which is a mid tier project size requirement.

As a small point why not have dilithium in round numbers such as 500 and 1000. Have never quite understood the 480/960/1440 level of reward.

Have the foundry daily only require 1 mission to be completed.