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Originally Posted by vestereng View Post
Way I see the gates is a way to prolong content so we don't burn through it over a weekend fitted to suit the casuals.
Another way to prolong content would be to add more mission/episode content, to bring it on par with other MMOs of similar age.

Cryptic was hamstrung with regard to fleshing out their storyline content at the start by a short launch window, then again during the F2P conversion.

My wife and I went Lifetime during the first Anniversary event, based largely on the Engineering reports and Ask Cryptics where Dan Stahl talked about how much storyline and FE content was going to be added, along with all the system upgrades. That was right before the "content drought" kicked in and plans were clobbered.

STO has the systems and mechanics to allow for fantastic story content; just see what the Foundry authors can do with lesser tools than the devs have access to. Cryptic seems to be highly talented at developing said systems, but less able to follow through on the potential of what they have created.

Kestrel's work is great; I'd just like to see a lot more of it. Not all on the FE level, just more normal episodes using existing assets. There are so many planetscapes and such that have only been used once (sometimes for very short missions). Why create assets for single use? So much more can be done with them.