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Originally Posted by ajstoner View Post
Has anyone else noticed a certain class a player showing up to defend these shameless acts of greed? I have, both here in the forums and in-game. People who defend corporate greed with greater and greater zeal the more out of control it becomes. You know them, both "in-here" and "out-there." They rave about "freedom" as though the measure of that were the powerful's ability to exploit others without complaint or interference.

They are the little rich kids you see spitting on homeless veterans and telling them to get jobs. They are the vulture real-estate agents who sweep in on foreclosed homes. They are the stock traders who sow chaos and misery for a few extra pennies they will never notice.

I have been a game-modder for over 15 years and during that time I have noticed a clear trend in the gaming industry toward rampant greed, scape-goating, and demonization (Mega Upload anyone?) It happened in publishing, it happened to films, it happened to music, and now it has happened in video games:

The industry is pioneered by artists, becomes profitable, and is then usurped by the most mindless, soulless beast on Earth: the bean counter. And its not just in creative endeavors linked to commerce either. Every surface has an add plastered on it. Neil degrass Tyson notes in his book, Death by Black Hole, that a major financial company once called him to inquire how they might project their logo on the moon.

All art has been replaced by advertising; all culture with commerce. The direction this game is going in is indicative of the same sickness that permeates human civilization today: Pathological and self-destructive greed.
It's a conspiracy!! Quick everyone, wrap aluminium foil around your heads to stop them from getting in to your brain!!

FYI, if you want to escape the corporate slavery world you imply then you should go out and live in the woods under a piece of bark.