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11-15-2012, 01:33 PM
This topic comes up way too often.

So I have to grind reputation before I'm allowd to continue the grind in actual (Elite) STFs? No thanks. And gear requirements, really? Gear is of 0 importance for space and of minimal importance for ground. Gosh, I did space Elite STFs with crafted MK VII gear and my little Defiant got aggro all the time and did not die. And maybe some people need a little reminder that ground sets are nice but people did those ground Elite STFs already before they had complete sets.

Also STFs usually don't go wrong because of people being new, they go wrong because of idiots and griefers and because of the overall low skill level in STO. Grinding reputation doesn't magically turn someones brain on and I can't see how Tier whatever in Omega Reputations makes someone familiar with what has to be done in STFs.
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