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Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
Also an interesting note for anyone using the Tac variant's toy console: it weirdly scales completely off of aux power and Particle Gen, even though it seems like just a phaser lance. This applies even if you're not using any aux cannons.
Oh, that explains some things, like why it didn't seem to do all that much on my Eng (with no Particle Gen skill) even with 4x phaser consoles slotted. The tooltip did scale up DPS as each Phaser console was slotted, but the DPS ended up something low like under 3K on the Eng. (Edit: under 2K without Phaser consoles, not with, as stated previously).

Originally Posted by coffeemike View Post
I ended up using my Graviton Pulse Generator on the Tac Vesta Class and wow...

I always play my science ships for crowd control and heals... this ship now adds some DPS on it.
That sounds like a great thing to add to the Vesta, pending you aren't running but one or two of it's Universal consoles.

On that subject: I think slotting all of universal consoles, particularly if you want to slot a fourth like the Borg Module, is a bit much. You give up either tankiness (which is what the 2/3 of the consoles' abilities are for) and/or DPS (the other console and about half the reason I wanted a Vesta).

With my Eng, I've equipped it with:
Eng consoles: 2x Neutronium
Sci consoles: Fermion (the only Vesta console I'm using), Borg Module, Shield recharge console (it's been my experience that on Sci ships that this helps quite a bit more than on a cruiser or escort), and a shield capacity console
Tac consoles: 4x Phaser

With that setup it's pretty tanky, and even with few heals in BOffs (2x EpTS1, Aux2Sif1, and HE2) I rarely have to dip into my Eng captain abilities, all while still putting out enough damage to draw a fair bit of aggro with 3x Aux DHCS fore and 3x turrets aft.

Still playing with power levels, with everything in Aux with the remainder in Shields, the rear turrets starve slightly when doing CRF2/CSV2 but seem fine in normal fire on both my chars. On my Eng the turrets starve less than my Sci, but still starve out a bit even with maxed Warp Core Potential, a passive for it, and one Efficient BOff. Not a huge thing, but still will likely cut into your DPS when using cannon abilities. If you're not dealing the damage you're expecting even when factoring in only 3 forward cannons, this is what I'd look into, particularly if you're not running an Aventine.

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