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Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
I think you're possibly mis-ascribing political motivations to profit driven ones.

Cryptic's current and former staff has always included a surprising number of socialists, as is often the case in gaming. (Socialists and libertarians are both over-represented in the tech sector.)

John Layman is pretty open about his politics. You can find the blog of Jesse Heinig, where he discusses economics and he's certain NOT Austrian or Chicago school and he helped design the dilithium economy. I won't get into what their politics are here since this is a gaming forum.

Wanting all the money they can get (and I sincerely think they spend every penny back on the game that they can) doesn't preclude having different political stances and I think you'd actually see a few devs complain that their tax bracket isn't taxed highly enough.

I'd suggest looking more at how efficiently the money that is reinvested on the game is spent (and that's a fair argument where Cryptic could improve) and how ethically and painfully the money they gather is collected (again, fair argument). The political argument is offbase, I think, and more to the point, off-topic for the forums.

I don't know if you notice but I'm a fairly wide swing voter when it comes to how Cryptic does things.
Regardless of which side you support in this topic, this is one of the most thought out and carefully considered posts I've encountered. Highly impressed and appreciative of your input.