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11-15-2012, 02:08 PM
When can we expect the AntiAliasing issue (above 2x AA causes 7 FPS) with ATI/AMD graphics cards and STO to be fixed?

When will DirectX 11 be out of beta on Holodeck?

When will we actually get new new rewards instead of recycled ones?

Where is the Vesta bridge, Prometheus pack (with a special EMH Mark II BO), Voyager pack (with EMH Mark I), and TNG packs?

What happened to the Relativity uniforms and can the playerbase convince Crypic to put these in the C-Store instead of the Lobi Store?

Can we have the Empok Nor station as a PvP map with the gas that allows you to shoot your teammates?

When can the players expect a third playable faction that is completely separate from the current two?

Is the TWoK Uniform scheduled for a make over and will we ever have a full set of ranks for this uniform?

When can I buy the Future Imperfect CommBadge?

Why can't the Academy, TWoK, TNG Admiral S1, and Relativity ranks be used on other uniforms than the ones they came with?

When will Shuttle/Fighter PvP be implemented?

Is Christopher Pike's hoverchair and Q's hoverthrone ever going to make it into the game for our toons to use?

Why isn't there a "For Rent" sign on the old Borg STF store? Is it possible for this location to be converted into a large Storage Locker for toons or fleets that gives us 200 items of storage as a C-Store purchase or some sort reward for some mission/accolade?

When will we have one complete sector space map and the same for all ship interiors and stations like DS9?

Will there be more Christmas themed clothing like Santa and Elf hats, full outfits, and Christmas themed project for our Fleet Starbases that can be turned on and off (as in when to show the decorations and when not to) by the Fleet Leaders?

Why hasn't Utopia Planitia been returned to the game and when will we have a full solar system to fly through for Sol?

We need more food items for new Tribbles. Things like ice cream on a cone, steak, loaded baked potato, apple pie, etc. When can we expect new Tribbles and new food items?

Will we ever have a Q oriented mission where he transports us through time onto the bridges of each canon ship to meet their Captain's? This would be a great way to take our toons back to being a Captain to allow a level increase after being demoted with new gear and new ships.

Is it within the tech to have a fleet emblem on the KDF Honor Guard cape instead of the Empire symbol? If so, can this be emplemented in a similar way like we swap the symbols on our ships?

When will crafting have a purpose once again and Mk XII items?

Are there any plans to fix the patterns colors on ships with darker hulls? The darker hte hull, the more it makes whatever pattern color you choose look black and not visible.

Are there any plans for sub-factions within the current two available? Section 31 for example. A story arc through Feature Episode Series to grand us new hull colors, patterns, interiors, etc. that are in keeping with these organizations. Otherwise, how about a Section 31 ship in a lock box?

Will we ever get the Andorian Escort and are there any plans for a MU Escort for Fed's in the next lock box?