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11-15-2012, 02:13 PM
Originally Posted by szim View Post
The Vesta and all its variants are very nice ships. Each one unique and their consoles very useful. I do not regret having bought them. I have a small request though:

Could you guys have a look at the Aux cannon mechanics? Every time my weapon power level is at 0 my Aux cannons would stop shooting (which happens quite often against Tholian ships). To make full use of those cannons I'm running on maximum Aux energy and thus on minimal weapon power. That means my weapon power gets drained very quickly. I suppose this wasn't meant to work like that? After all isn't it supposed to be a weapon that runs completely independent of weapon power levels?
Are you using other weapons beside the aux cannons if so that's where the drain comes from. I got the 3 back so all my forward cannons are aux cannons.