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11-15-2012, 03:33 PM
KDF Tier 4 Marauding uniform, when will it be available?

KDF Tier 4 Maruading Enemy Faction Bridge Officer, when will they be customizable?
I got reminded of this when I saw a Fed Captains Gorn boff on New Romulus, wearing visable Body Armor and Pointed Shoulder pads.

When are Letheans getting their own Clothing option like all they other KDF Races? A simple Hood would be nice.

D5 Battlecruiser, when the KDF becomes a little more complete in Season 8 maybe? Perhaps with a Heavy Turret = hits harder + slower rate of fire = Same DPS and is Green, levels with you like the TOS Connie phasers. Perhaps a Heavy Cannon in the fore, like the Heavy Turret.
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Three years and still no Captain Klaa hair...

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