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11-15-2012, 02:39 PM

I've long loved Cryptic's "Choose between good and good" philosophy with gear/equipment in their games. When I was starting off as a new MMO player, other games often had bonuses and penalties associated with things, which was a little overwhelming! Whereas with Cryptic, it usually seems like everything is good, but you have to decide what you'll be good at, thus creating a simple opportunity cost versus a more weighty pros vs cons evaluation.

That said, I've now been playing MMOs for 7 years. While I still love and admire Cryptic's straightforward, no-nonsense method, I do wonder if its time to maybe toy with things that have a little more complexity to them. Perhaps some "experimental" set that has a nice set of bonuses that are countered by non-trivial penalties as a result.

In short, give yourselves a bit more freedom to make powerful, but challenging, sets.
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