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11-15-2012, 02:40 PM
Energy type other than Antiproton?

As I said, I don't know your playstyle. If you like just dumping huge amounts of damage into a target and give no craps about little goodies (aka procs), I would just stick with AP despite the expense. But if you like screwing with your target and causing them problems internally, phasers or polaron is the way to go for you. If you like stripping their shields and dumping torps, go with tetryon as the previous poster just said. If you like stripping shields AND screwing with subsystems, go with phased tetryon. If you want to reduce their defenses (overall a good thing for cruisers, since it increases your entire team's damage output) then go with disruptors. If you want to screw with their power levels while also reducing defense, then polarized disruptors for you. If you want to light them on fire, with the plasma (would not recommend that though, plasma procs are too weak for players), use plasma weapons.

As I said, I have never seen you play, I don't know your habits or tendencies, or your particular likes and dislikes, so I can't really give you an accurate recommendation. I personally run AP because I was able to get the practically free mk XII borg weapons, and I also was lucky enough to get the mag regulators before the price went through the roof.

But something to think about:
A particularly nasty setup I ran once that was both highly entertaining and surprisingly effective was this:

Fore Weapons:
3x Phased Polaron Beam Arrays, 1x Chroniton Flux Torpedo

Aft: 4x Phased Polaron Beam Arrays

I got all those weapons off of storyline missions, and as such, they cap out at mk XI, but the phased polaron gave me the tetryon shield strip proc, and the polaron energy drain proc, combined with the chroniton flux torpedo (a nasty little variant on the regular chroniton, I think it's proc chance is higher and it's effect is stronger than a regular chroniton) made life unpleasant for anything I was firing on.

But in the end I changed out because the damage output I was getting, while respectable, never went above 3k dps, which if an ESTF is unacceptable. So alas, I went to boring AP and quantums. Much higher dps, but not nearly as entertaining.
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