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11-15-2012, 02:42 PM
Hello Germany, big fan of some of your metal bands \m/ \m/

Anyway, Just drew BranFlakes' attention to that request. He said on twitter that the EU team would be looking for German missions to spotlight. So maybe some movement there, cheers!

So because I read all these threads, including the ones in the other forums going almost two years back, I have come to this conclusion:

The true reason the Foundry isn't used by more players is in fact that there is no one overarching reason. Every player who does not play the Foundry has a different reason why they don't. It might be a lack of reward, it might be an aversion to non-official content, it might be they don't want to read, it might be that there are not enough missions in their native language, it might be... etc, etc. There are a million true reasons why people don't play Foundry missions.

Therefor, there can be no silver bullet that will suddenly get everyone playing and enjoying themselves. Which kinda sucks, but there you go. There are plenty of little things Cryptic can do if they want to spend the time on it. I hope they do, but where they put their resources is, as always, their choice. In any event, all we authors can do is to keep trying to make great missions.
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