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11-15-2012, 02:46 PM
When I log in now I quickly become tired and irritable. I don't know how to make any
dilithium anymore. I tried the Gorn wrapper and I can't get the mineral samples to make it complete. With a 30 minute timer I would have to spend an hour or more just to get that 1440. I asked in zone chat in SFA for advice and just got in an argument with somebody trying to make fun of me for wanting "Easy" dil.

My starbase is Stahled out. When I think of what I could do last season compared to now
I don't want to keep playing. My alts were effectively made useless. I wasn't even farming
dilithium for Z points, it was all going into projects.

I used to enjoy switching characters for differing styles of game play, now I can barely max my main character.

If I promise not to use dil for z-points will you please give me my ability to farm it back?? Using alts to work around the 8k cap was the only way I could feel empowered as a solo player. It would have been many, many months before I ran out of things to work on even at that previously higher rate of dil income. I spent many extra hours in game to achieve my goals. Now I'm befuddled and want to log out after a few minutes.