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11-15-2012, 03:57 PM
Originally Posted by notoryczny View Post
Reinstated dilithium rewards are lower. There are no items to turn in for extra dilithium. There are no item drops. Instead of cheering that enraged players actually managed to win something, think again.

Lower dilithium rewards mean that you have to grind more for the same result. No extra dil from salvage only aggravates it. No loot bags mean no ec and no decent blue/purple items on the exchange. This will force you to buy stuff from dil stores (fleet/romulan/omega).

Doff reassignment prices are still "adjusted". This means they are still outrageous.

And I wonder which dilithium dailies will be removed with next "maintenance patch". Feds already lost 2880 dil from the daily routine.

Its still a cash grab, but this time they tossed us some scraps.
Yeah cause 0 to 480/960 is clearly nothing at all. Boy are we mad.

Oh yeah no Items to turn in for extra Dilithium! Forgot about that.

What? Whats a Borg Neural Probe?

You can get those from Elites? You can turn in 5 for a 15second project to get 5 omega rep and 1k dilith?

And yes you have to buy weapons from the fleet/omega/romulan store. Why? Because thats the next level.

We used to get comparable weapons virtually for free and now you're complaining you have to I dont know... Work for it? Work a little harder?


Christ you people are never satisfied.

Get over it. Yes Dilith costs are up and Dilith gains are down.

Originally Posted by mewi View Post
Yay they gave us crumbs after stealing our bread loaf!
More like they took away your unlimited bread bowl.

And then we complained.

So they gave it back but with less bread in the bowl so you have to get up and get more, more often.

So... We complain again.