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11-15-2012, 04:06 PM
Ok, I have been running around these forums for a while (my join date is bugged, but whatever), and I have seen a number of things, and now feel I must comment on them.

Alright, to everyone who is bmwing about how PWE is being greedy and trying to fraudulently take your money with false claims and bad advertising and "forcing you to buy zen" with the in-game content:

You may or may not be right, but they are not committing fraud. There are laws in place that even they are forced to follow to prevent legal action being taken against them. That being said, I will add on this: First and foremost, PWE is a BUSINESS. Their job is to make MONEY, not satisfy every little whim the players have. Every change they make is designed to increase their fiscal success, not their ratings. So what if a few hundred players complain about the changes here on the forums? There are a few THOUSAND players who will just continue to play, and continue to pay them money, so I am sorry to say, that the majority of our complaints are null and void, since in general, the player base usually doesn't care, or doesn't have the brain power to realize they are getting shafted.

I won't argue that the direction this game has taken is very odd, if not downright wrong, but I won't condemn it either, since it is our choice to play this particular game. We can always take our wallets and our voices elsewhere, and leave STO with the chaff, or we can stay and try to make things better. But as I said, it's not our game. It belongs to PWE. They can do whatever they want with it (within legal bounds of course), and whether or not we agree with it, we have almost no control. What they do is not honorable at all. Which actually explains why they don't do much with the KDF, because if they have no honor, they have no need to expand the side that is almost based off of honor XD.

Just a thought or two. Let the #$%&storm begin.
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