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11-15-2012, 03:18 PM
This is certainly a worthy proposal in my eye. For starters no matter how warlike any race is, war can not be fought without weapons. And weapons need to be thought up, designed, discovered, tested, and implemented. New energy sources found, new materials integrated, new technologies developed.

I also agree that any such ship dedicated to exploration and procurement would be properly fitted for a combat role, though as a (slightly) more secondary role.

I could see this ship as actually being an interesting excuse for a Klingon side version of the new vesper. Though I would be disappointed if they just cloned the consoles and abilities over rather than finding a more Klingon flavored counterpart. For example making it a second ship with the enhanced cloak, ECM package, and enhanced targeting sensors.

Or perhaps a battle cloak that still retains some of the protective quality of ship shields- running at half energy level and with 50% standard bleedthrough while active instead of the normal 10%. Enough to absorb some punch, enhancing survival chances while revealed while still leaving the ship somewhat vulnerable during those critical times of cloak and decloak or when revealed. ... And of course returning to the 10% bleedthrough while out of cloak.