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11-15-2012, 04:22 PM
Yet to play Elite so I cant comment Either.

Normal Space Borg Queen does not need a nerf. I only died twice in a Atrox. Once because I got too close to an exploding cube. And the second because right after the cutscene I was caught between the two Command Ships.

Guess who got double shotted by their spinal lances?

This guy.


But the Queen was kind of a pushover at least for me.

Target Subsystem. I was using that constantly. Doesnt matter what. As soon as it comes off cooldown fire it off. Free. Doesnt take up a Boff slot too.

Sci ships Tyken or Energy Siphon. I lean towards Energy Siphon since the Queen likes to move around. If she hits a power to engines right as you fire off a Tyken it's wasted.

Carriers really are OP in this fight though.

At least the pets are since They can AND will pull aggro off your teammates. I've seen it happen. She goes from hitting the escort to hitting my advanced stalker fighters. Jokes on the Queen Though I have an infinite amount of fighters.