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11-15-2012, 03:23 PM
List of Available SOLO Dailies for Dil on Fed Side:

Academy Quiz: 480
Investigate Officer Reports (when they fix it): 1440
Explore Strange New Worlds: 1440
Traelus Satellite Repair: 480
Shmar Defense: 480
Alhena Defense Contract: 480
Deferi Daily Defense: 1440
Emancipation (Zaria system, orellius block): 480
Breen Patrol: 480
Dilithium Mining: 600

Additional Sources (NOT Solo play):

Borg Sector Incursions: 480 each once per day
Fleet Actions: 1440 each ONCE per day, 480 per every run
Ker'rat Dailies: 1440 each (there are 2 of them I think)
Any Number of others I may or may not have forgotten: 480 to 1440 each.
DOff Missions: 5-2000 depending on mission

For Klingons:

List is too damn long. If you're having trouble getting dil as a klink, you need a new brain.
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