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I found a problem with the old system with omega. Your a new player, and introduced to the omega missions. But you gear is at best MK X Rare. you are going to have hard time fighting. But at least the old system you have a chance to upgrade to Very Rare gear and be up to par with everyone else. Now you have to wait to lvl 50 before you can build your reputation. and then have to Build it before you can buy MK XI Very Rare gear. Which also defeats the purpose to have Mk X Very Rare, because you are a lvl 50 and can have MK XI, SO whats the point of keeping any of the MK X gear if you can use it? At lvl 50 i am not goin to have MK X gear for my ships or persons. Might want to reconsider having lower ranks 44 and up to 49 to let them build their reputation. maybe then they can claim the MK X Very Rare.

I point this out cause i have multiple characters and my last one is lvl 44, with borg tech and one Phaser beam array MK X, and i can not build reputation until lvl 50, I was happy to get the borg gear before the change over. I wish i had heads up the it was changing and i would have used my salvage and data chips, i have alot built up for new gear on my other characters.

Maybe you should just unlock reputation teir 5 for current lvl 50 players. i been lvl 50 on them for better part of a 3 months to a year now. I think i have said my piece now.