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11-15-2012, 03:30 PM
How on Earth is it fraud? If you are F2P, well no issue there. If you are a subscriber or life member, you paid money to play the game they provide, not dictate how the game is played. For as long as you are able to play the game then they have met their obligations. There is not fraud here. Here, there is no fraud.

Let's be realistic. If it even approached the dodgy realms of the law, don't you think they'd have a team of lawyers making sure they've covered themselves? I've worked for organisations where lawyers have advised management not to do things out of possible legal ramifications. What does management do? Listen, because that advice will save them money down the track!!

Remember, just because you feel like you're losing out, or just because the game goes in a direction you don't like, you can't just slap the 'fraud' label on it. It's not mature, nor is it responsible.