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11-15-2012, 03:40 PM
Oh good grief...

First it was "Loot is too random! Especially STF gear!"

So Cryptic says "'ll just have to buy the stuff now."

And the community is angry.

Then it was "There's no Dilithium in STFs anymore!" (a fair argument, as they are some of the most difficult misisons in the game and require teams who know what they're doing)

So Cryptic says "Fine...we'll go to 960 for Elite STFs. Add in the BNP at 5 = 1000 Dilithium and you actually come out ahead on Dilithium compared to pre-S7."

And the players are angry, saying "That's not enough!"...even though it's more than they had if they trade in the BNPs they get above and beyond whatever gear they want to get (or if you're happy with what you have, what you'll never need).

Guys, you can't keep wanting the moon. At the same time, Cryptic can't give us Death Valley either.

Both the players and Cryptic are going to have to find a middle ground. End of story.