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11-15-2012, 04:45 PM
excuse me I paid 200 bucks on items here. They sell us a service and the quaility lately is serverly lacking. We're asking for COMMON SENSE and the way they did this was underhanded. We have been telling them what content we want. Now will that all be done at once HELL NO. but they can ork on it in pieces. A season focuses on one content. However what resources they do have wasted on things that didn't need changing. look that the past record. S6, the base system sounded cool and everyone was eager for it. When it came out it was different than we thought and it strongly favored big fleets. Fleets were ment for a group of friends to have fun so there would be various sizes and thus the base prices should reflect that. IT DOESN'T. Then we have the Regent. ugly skin a useless console with Riker manuver and I guess the wide range torps wasn't up to snuff. I don't really see them anymore. Now S7, they were some concerns over the rep system. they said that we would have new story missions and perhaps the Ambassador in game. THe rep system is a joke and none of the other stuff happened. People has spent a good amount of money and they are now getting crap for it.