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Originally Posted by whamhammer1 View Post
What consists of a "Steam" download? I purchased the Atari Digital Deluxe before Beta, but I am pretty sure I downloaded it from Steam.
If you purchased the Steam version originally, you should be fine and won't need to move the game files to Steam (to avoid re-downloading the game just to have it display the CD key you need).

Once you buy the pack, the CD Key option in your Steam library should update with a new code, which you need to enter into your "account" section on this site. Once you redeem the code, a free item should appear under "Bundles" in the in-game C-store. Claim it, and you'll get a box with all the stuff in it. Make sure to open the tier 1 refit as well, since that ship has the new console. If you're high level you can probably toss the BOff and gear pack (unless you need a new Trill and Vulcan sci/engi officer).

The whole thing is an account-wide unlock, so you can claim and re-claim the ship as many times as you like on any character.

just bought this ship...its REALLY nice, now im wondering what kind of weapon build and space set is good for it .....maybe jem set and weapons considering its almost like the jem bug?
The Steamrunner's a lot like the Bug, but it's slower, has a worse turn rate, has no Universal slots, and an inferior console layout (4 tac vs 5 on the bug). Also, it has no Polaron weapon bonus.

It's a great ship, don't get me wrong, but it's still inferior to the god-tier Bug. The setup also seems to favor a slightly more "tanky/support-escort" approach, since it has better crew, double Engi Lt slots, and more science consoles.