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11-15-2012, 04:00 PM
Originally Posted by tom61sto View Post
IMO, the science version has the best console (an AoE heal), so I'd go with it if you buy only one. Plus, the 5x Sci consoles will come into much higher usefulness if you have a unlocked the Fleet Embassy Science Consoles -- threat generation increase/decrease, a science buff, and interesting procs like a shield heal, hull heal, or adding plasma damage to all energy weapons.
Could you tell me more about the Fleet Sci consoles? I finally might have something to spend all my fleet credits and dil on (been avoiding paying $5 for an FSM to buy a Fleet Armitage ).

Also, your suggestion sounds cool, esp. with the gimmicks you're talking about. I used to main SVs in my Engi main before I started running STFs (then I shamefully went full-escort).

But I'm sooo tempted by the Engi Vesta's look! Grrr, I wish they still sold ship skins so I could pick which I wanted.

I think I may like the Vesta more than my Armitage. Wow. I'm flying the engineer-ish version with all three special consoles.
What's the Engi console like? I heard it's like a Polarize Hull that reflects torps? Is that kind of ability too situational for PVE (I don't PVP). Does it reflect isometric charges or the Borg bullsh*t heavy torp?