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Originally Posted by szim View Post
I'm running 3 aux cannons as well. But my issue is more about enemies draining my weapon power or knock out the weapons system than myself. It happens very often against Tholians. They knock out your weapon system and even though your aux power level is still at 125 your cannons won't shoot.
Aux DHC being affected by aux and not weapon power this would make sense, but the weapon is still controlled by the weapons system. What I find funny, in the books they took all their power from the weapons system to fire that mega deflector phaser beam, so wouldn't it make sense to fire it all weapons power would be drained and dumped into Aux and all deflector abilities become disabled. I'm finding right now that the Vesta spike damage is insane, pop a Aux Battery, Rapid Fire 2, Grav Well 3 and the Phaser Beam of DEATH and this is without a Attack Pattern like say Beta 1/2 or heaven forbid Omega 1. I found myself dying a lot in STF because I kept managing to take agro from tacs. I finally had to load up my defense a bit more, to use to being that sci that everyone ignores.
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