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11-15-2012, 04:02 PM
- Is the Steamrunner eventually going to make an appearance in the z-/c-store? It's a lovely ship, I'd be willing to pay money, but no way I'm going to sign up with Steam.

- Can we expect the C-/Z-store to get some love again in the future? IIRC, in the past months, we got tons of ships, costumes and items through the Fleet system (~35 ships), Lobi store (3 ships, 4 shuttles) or lockboxes (~13 ships), but only 3-5 through the good, old store...

- What is the reason behind embassy provisions we have to replicate and contribute to the new embassy system. We buy them with Fleet Credits and contribute them as we buy them. Wouldn't it be easier to scrap the new currency again and let us contribute Fleet Credits directly?