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Originally Posted by treffell View Post
a good ship to house the class 10 Chaffee

similiar engine build, the chaffee has no mother ship, nor the ironclad a shuttle

i say spiral disruptors, cannon, harpangs and a class 10 shuttle

this may be superior
It screams TransEngScort to me.

TT1, TS2, THY3, APO3

EPtA1, AtB1
EPtS1, AtB1


Engine/Shield/Deflector: AKHG

Weapons -
Fore: 3x Rapid Trans, 1x Breen Cluster
Aft: 1x Rapid Trans, 1x Trans Mine, 1x Breen Cluster

DOFFs: 2x SDO, 2x Tech, 1x Nurse

3x Trans, Borg
1x Force, 1x RCS, Theta, Iso
1x Field, AMS

Devices: RMC, Engine Battery

Power: 25 Wep/100 Shield/50 Eng/25 Aux

Space Passives -
Romulan: +3% CrtH, Crit Placate, QSM (Active)
Omega: Hull Regen, Kinetic Proc

Skill Build:

Yes, I did say TransEngScort - so it's an Engineer captain: Miracle Worker, Rotate Shield, Nadion Inversion, EPS Transfer, Engineering Fleet.

Btw, the crew stuff is because it's basically passive tanking and defense outside of the Eng stuff.

I'd call it the U.S.S. Steamed Hull...