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Could you tell me more about the Fleet Sci consoles? I finally might have something to spend all my fleet credits and dil on (been avoiding paying $5 for an FSM to buy a Fleet Armitage ).
Here ya go:
Originally Posted by archoncryptic View Post
There are several variations on these new consoles.

Each console adds one property from each of these three categories:

Category 1: Either increased or decreased threat generation.

Category 2: A bonus to a Science skill, i.e. Starship Sensors.

Category 3: One of three additional powers.
a) 2.5% Chance to restore Shields when you are hit.
b) 2.5% Chance to restore Hull when you are hit.
c) 2.5% Chance to add a Plasma DoT on Directed Energy weapon attacks. (Essentially, adding the Plasma proc to a non-plasma weapon.) If your weapon is already a Plasma weapon, this adds Plasma damage to that weapon instead.

Thus, a sample item might have +threat generation, +starship sensors, and a 2.5 Chance whenever your shield is hit to proc a shield heal.

Originally Posted by unangbangkay View Post
What's the Engi console like? I heard it's like a Polarize Hull that reflects torps? Is that kind of ability too situational for PVE (I don't PVP). Does it reflect isometric charges or the Borg bullsh*t heavy torp?
It looks like purple slightly more glowy Polarize Hull. It does work on high-yield torps, but I don't think it works on Isometric Charge. The biggest problem in PvE is that it shoves enemies away, similar to Tractor Repulsors, which can make people angry if you trigger it at the wrong time and shove something out of their range. That also means your cannons will have less effect on them if you're shooting them. It lacks the kinetic damage of Tractor Repulsors, meaning it's pure defense/kinetic payback.