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11-15-2012, 04:57 PM
Just as we've seen in the various Star Trek series,sometimes officers take on new assignments and commissions on other ships and/or stations.
Sometimes I've developed a Bridge Officer to a certain point,and just feel the need to start fresh with a new one..However,I've wanted to do so without deleting the one I've personalized and worked with for awhile,seeing as how I personally like to tweak my Boffs with biographies,etc.So I've got a few extra Boffs that I don't necessarily want,but don't want to "kill off."
Is there any possiblilty of creating a "Free Agent" (My term,couldn't think of a better one at the moment) system whereby Captains looking for a seasoned Boff may find one,or perhaps even trade,depending on a Captain's needs?
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