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Originally Posted by entnx01 View Post
First it was "Loot is too random! Especially STF gear!"

So Cryptic says "'ll just have to buy the stuff now."
The correct way to solve that was to give "Omega Marks" for doing missions on Elite, and then have it so you could buy the mark 12 set items for some number of Omega Marks just like you could buy the mark 11 set items for chips. If you were trying for the gun and didn't get it after 20 tries due to the random nature, then here ya go, congrats on being tenacious enough to earn it.

They didn't do that.

So Cryptic says "Fine...we'll go to 960 for Elite STFs. Add in the BNP at 5 = 1000 Dilithium and you actually come out ahead on Dilithium compared to pre-S7."
Rare salvage was worth 1000 dilithium. Prototype salvage was worth 2000. Tech was also worth either 1000 or 2000. I had missions where I made 6000 dilithium in one run, because I picked up some prototypes and cashed them in.

Dilithium rewards for STF are now about half of what they were because we have no tech or salvage to trade in.