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# 1 Vesta testing and Feedback
11-15-2012, 05:18 PM
Greetings Captions Devs Guests

Bought. Vesta and have tested it a little but
Have had many Issues with it

Autofire does not work,right clicking on weapons
I'n the 3 rows of functions does not turn on autofire
Tried removing weapons logging out
Tried differnt weapons , old,new,and those that came
With the ship. Tried all 10 rows ,No autofire

The phaser module seems to be very poor damage

Shuttle launch is very slow

Turn rate seems slower than it should be

Lack of autofire has hampered my testing further
It's a serious pain I'n the kiester not having it

Beam weapons do not use Aux power,I like
Beam weapons and I didn't see anywhere posted
That the vesta Aux power to weapons was Cannon only !

I would not have bought the ship if this is intended .
Beam weapons draw power from weapons power and not
Auxiliary ,That was why I bought the ship .

I would appreciate dev comment on this issue please

Anyone else please post findings
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