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11-15-2012, 05:22 PM
The issue seems to lie in standard borg plasma torpedos, which seem to have adapted some kind of transphasic characteristics and can now penetrate ship shields straight to the hull.

No Cryptic, this is not our imagination. Everyone I've been playing with since the last couple of days is reporting the same thing - their ship has full shields, yet they take damage straight to the hull from the standard borg torpedos (no spread, no high yield, just single torps). And no, it's not during Into the Hive.

One person also reported the same thing with romulan NPCs, who seem to deal way more damage with their plasma torpedos than they did previously.

Please Cryptic, perhaps there have been some changes in relation with the new plasma weapons from the reputation system? Some kind of general buff that made it to all NPCs, including STF-buffed borg?

For example, I can fly my Vesta into the middle of several warship groups and tank with shields no problem, yet the moment I do any STF nearly 50% of enemy's damage is going straight to the hull, sometimes leaving the shields at 100% on all sides, while taking out half of my hull. Even the simple spheres can blow up my buffed fleet vor'cha pretty fast.