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11-15-2012, 05:23 PM
running around in circles pressing F all the time is Star Trek for you?

hmm.. *shrug* ok, good for you.

i'm not that impressed, i would like some actual gameplay, too bad STO's only gameplay mechanics are pew pew + hotkeys, + the universal F does everything button.

That does not leave much room for different experiences.

if for example i look at Battlefield 3, it amazes me with how few soldier classes and how few vehicle types every game you play can be a complete different experience, even on the same maps... 250 hrs into multiplayer and it still does not feel repetitive, even though it has roughly the same amount of maps as STO does by now.

In STO, no matter what class i play, no matter what art assets i shoot.... F F F Spacebar Spacebar Spacebar F Spacebar F Spacebar F F F...

the biggest gameplay challenge in STO seems to be to jump over the plasma in the Infected Ground Boss room...

sometimes i wonder if those players who keep falling in the plasma with a CAITIAN would ever be able to do stuff like this:

aah good old Elite Force days...