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11-15-2012, 05:31 PM
Dear Mr. Stahl,

Are we ever going to see the Ambassador-class? I know a long time ago when this game was still a newborn you mentioned it, and Enterprise-C [I'm a Fangirl of the Ent-C Era], but all I've gotten are fumes of rumors regarding the Ambassador, so will we ever see her in all her Ent-C glory?

Additionally, will we ever see any of the 'Best of Both Worlds"/ "Wolf 359" graveyard ships, such as the Niagara/New Orleans/Springfield in-game? I mention this only because as an Engineer, I want to get me hands on these ladies' nacelles.


Will the Klingons ever get more science oriented vessels? My Orion hasn't been leveled since just after the first year anniversary. Thanks.
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