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11-15-2012, 05:37 PM
Bought the vesta pack, had the opposite experience.

Auto fire works fine for me, but I had the same problem you had with the Chimera. My auto fire has a little lag between cycles though sometimes it hangs up.

Quantum Field Focuser is powered by AUX, phaser is the damage type, and is still effected by consoles. I have mine specc'd to do 4.5K DPS. It often does more

Shuttle launch? It's always Sunday in the Vesta Shuttle Bay. Slow is putting it mildly, AUX is supposed to increase recharge of launch, but does not. At 120 AUX recharge is still 45+ seconds

Turn rate seems normal. Might be about the same as the LRSVR

In the description of the ships, the cannons that come with it use AUX, and are the only weapons that use AUX. The ship doesn't magically convert AUX to WEP when using any other weapon. The cannons use AUX...that was clearly stated. To have a science ship have a "do it all" energy pool would be pretty op and would break the current system.

DPS of the skills when use propperly is high on hard stationary targets, DPS against moving targets and players is about the same as the other T5 science ship. Not comparable to the Tholian Ships and the 3 LTC Boff slots at the cost of lots of hull.

To maximize DPS you need to be close, with low hull you get one shotted much more.