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11-15-2012, 05:40 PM
I really think what they need with this game for as far as how the reputation system goes for a PvP system they should create maps with as many talked about or seen locations in the Star Trek universe.

Use that theme for space and ground combat for PvP and PvE so that you fight both players and npcs or both depending on the way they would wanna develop it so that what the player does impacts the fight for territory in each individual instance. Most likely I would think that there wouldn't be any respawning going on if you blew up you would leave the match and then if someone else is in the que they take your space for a more realistic approach to that. Being there would most likely be a cool down for re-entry depending on a time limit since a lot of people have many many characters and would help PWE/Cryptic with character slot sales that eventually you could take it but this would be something that would be beneficial for time gated content so the NPC factions would get reinforcements every so many intervals and if you can cut through them and capture before they have time to take you out with reinforcements it would be captured for your faction.

The grind breaker of it to balance it out is certain ques or what not for doing this for example if you wanted to take out their ability to communicate or activate rotating jamming pulses to benefit your attacking force you would need to have for example maybe a tier 2 or 3 of those reputations. With what they have done with rep systems so far and starbases combined the system could work it would be all about combining that tech and then making the maps. So it seems doable from a player stand point.