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Originally Posted by thedoctorbluebox View Post
Do you also view the Bajor update as "exploring the "strange new world"

Do you view adding Starfleet Academy as "exploring the "strange new world"

Do you view adding Defera as "exploring the "strange new world"

they've done things like this in the past, so I still fail to see how S7 is unique and all the sudden makes it "star trek"
this^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^100% agree
Originally Posted by lillithiae View Post
They have never created an open zone this large
i can only give you its big and has a fleet base ops ment Embassy other then that its same as all thedoctorbluebox named out

funny i dont recall janeway picard sisko loveing to get them rocks i think they had bridge officer do that for them but that could be me
swimwear off risa not fixed
system Lord Baal is dead
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This! Their ability to outdo their own failures is quite impressive. If only this power could be harnessed for good.