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Originally Posted by mattjohnsonva View Post
He also said his leader offered to turn the fleet over to him. Seems a waste to just give it up.
As someone who's recently found himself in a similar position to the OP (and thus has been reading this thread with some interest), perhaps I can offer some explanation and/or perspective.

One of my characters is in a fleet that has shrunk significantly since I joined it almost two years ago, to the point where it's now basically myself and maybe five other active players. Activity and morale is low and recruiting is basically dead in the water; nor can I blame others not wanting to join. I've been logging in daily to collect dilithium and manage my Duty Officers, and pour those earnings into the fleet starbase. At times it's felt like I'm the only one doing anything to help with that.

Right now there's talk of putting this stub of a fleet under the umbrella of a much larger one, changing our name and becoming part of their organization, yet remaining a separate fleet with a separate base as far as the game's concerned. As with the person I'm responding to, there's a desire (on both sides) to not give up or waste what we've worked for. But I think this is a foolish choice, and that keeping a separate base is redundant and wasteful in its own way, and here's why:

If I join another fleet, I can have immediate access to a full-featured base maintained and fed by dozens (or even more) of active players. Or I can toil away by myself for the next few years, logging in every day to work my "second job" and hoping to maybe make Tier 2 before the game ends - an accomplishment that will be seen and valued by no one but myself. Should I continue to pour my time and effort down a dead-end rathole, or acknowledge that everything I've built to date could be duplicated if not surpassed by any decent-sized fleet in a matter of days or weeks, and find something better to put my future efforts toward - a giant to stand on the shoulders of?

It may not have mattered so much before a couple of seasons ago, but the mechanics of the base system (and how it scales at the upper levels) overwhelmingly favor large fleets. There's pride, certainly, in having a house you built yourself with your own two hands... but if the choice is between living in a tiny shack out in the woods with no heat, water, electricity or internet, or an apartment building in town with all of the above amenities and garbage service too - honestly, where are you going to want to live?

It would also be different if you were leaving friends behind in the fleet... but as the OP says, everyone else already left him. So it is with me also. Better to make a clean break and a fresh start, IMO.
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