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Originally Posted by tali9999 View Post
Again, the only problem with Romulus is the Replayability.

I might find fun going the first time with one of my character and doing all the mini-gathering quests but will i want to redo it again with my 11 other chars? Honestly, i think not.

It is a nice change of pace and a different experience compared to the other content we have but again i feel all of this required a huge investment of Dev time for something we might like to only see once.

Time will tell...
Keep in mind a few things:

1) It's easier to add content to a zone like this than to add episodes.

2) We haven't seen all of the content there because it's gated.

3) You really only need to visit the sector block once a week or so. You don't need to repeat the Romulan missions daily just because you CAN. One run around the area a week gets you enough marks to do the rep projects for a week. Within the first week, you're T1 and have new stuff to do. So you repeat once a week and then at various intervals over your 70 or so day rep grind, more and more missions open up. Plus the space missions feature random events like the Enterprise and Iconians to spice things up and a variety of dialogue puzzles on different attempts.

I think many of the complaints seem to stem from the idea that you have to be headquartered on New Romulus. You don't, really. You might want to stop by daily for some DOffing but the rep grind doesn't really call for you to do anything more than an extended weekly visit if you'd rather be somewhere else.