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Originally Posted by unangbangkay View Post
You weren't looking hard enough.

From the very blog post that announced the ship:

"Multi-Mission Science Vessels come standard with a Mark XII Auxiliary Dual Heavy Phaser Cannon. This cannon is designed to utilize Auxiliary power instead of Weapon power. "

As you can see, it is not some kind of innate ability, just a special weapon like Quad Cannons. lrn2read and so on.

I don't have my Vesta yet so I can't say, but supposedly the Steamrunner had a similar issue, and I fixed it by switching the HUD layout to #1 and right-clicking the weapon icons in the main tray.

Appreciate all the info guys, yes the unique weapon
Only using Aux power slipped by me totally I ( assumed ) it was all weapons

Looks like I wasted my money here then I don't like
The tactics involved using cannons and with my auto fire broke for
The moment I can't click fast enough to keep up fire and do my real job
( science )

Dang shame you can't give away or sell ships
For me the Vesta is a Lemon
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Saphire.. Science.....Ko'el Rom Kdf Tac
Leva........Tactical.....Mailu KDF Sci

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