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Originally Posted by encadi View Post
Thanks again for the answers, how do you calculate the DPS? and How would you compare the sovereign tank/DPS wise to the amazing fit you did to the Tactical odissey?

Thanks again!
You can calculate DPS by either A) Looking at each weapon in system space (it tells their dps), then watching that value as you fire. Do some calculations (basic addition and multiplication), then you have your general DPS. Or you can B) Get someone to parse it for you. I would recommend B).

As for comparing the Sovy to the Oddy? Um... that one's a little hard. Time to throw more stats at ya XD

Assault Cruiser:
Hull: 39000
Shield Modifier: 1
Base Turn: 7
BOff setup: Lt Tactical, Ensign Tactical, Cmdr Engineering, LtCmdr Engineering, Lt Science
Consoles: 3 Tactical, 4 Engineering, 2 Science
+5 Bonus Power to All Subsystems

Weaker shields, less hull, less power to weapons, more turn are the biggest differences. BOff setup is also a little different. It has only access to a Lt Tactical, which means it has a weaker damage output ability. Also it's only Lt Science means it has less utility. As with all of the higher tier cruisers, it forces you to use a Cmdr AND LtCmdr Engineering setup.

Comparing the two, it's pretty much the same synopsis as what I gave the Fleet Star Cruiser. The Odyssey has more versatility, not as locked into a specific specialty like the AC and SC. But I personally love my Sovy. I flew her all the way until I got my Oddy, and even after I still fly her around every so often. She's a good ship. As freebies go, she does her part well. But the Odyssey is superior in tanking ability and damage output, as it should be since the bugger costs at minimum 2500 zen. But if you have a Sovy go up against a Chevron Sep equipped Tac Oddy, the Oddy will easily outperform it.
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