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Originally Posted by unangbangkay View Post
You apparently missed whole episodes of Janeway playing science with the rest of the Voyager crew, or Sisko scanning tribbles in the distant past.

Star Trek captains are, and have always been, incredibly hands-on. In fact, "sending bridge officers to do stuff" is very NOT Trek-like.
True to a point however

Watch TOS
Spock-----scan for that
Bones----- get him to sickbay
Scotty----- get my weapons working !
Sulu--------lay I'n a course for Risa !
Checkov---polish that console
Uhura------Call me baby

Kirk did get his hands dirty a little but used commands
To his crew a lot more than the others
Jellico....Engineer.....Stargazer KDF Tac
Saphire.. Science.....Ko'el Rom Kdf Tac
Leva........Tactical.....Mailu KDF Sci

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