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11-15-2012, 08:06 PM
Originally Posted by starcommando101 View Post
Well honestly, there was really no need for EC at VA anyways.... Except for the XII consoles but other than that, nothing. So this is actually a good move.
Weapons and equipment (especially relevant now)
Crafting materials
Reward packs of a thousand flavors
Unusual consumables

The exchange becomes a thousand times more relevant when you hit VA because now you can start getting things that are going to stick with you and not be outdated in five hours. And EC is the language of the exchange.

I do have a kind of pet theory that with all the fuss and bother over dilithium, Cryptic is very quietly stabbing EC in the back. It's the only currency we have that is transferrable between players, and as a result, it's the only currency they don't directly control the distribution and acquisition of. They could prove me wrong by adding some reasonable ways to earn EC beyond Tour the Universe, which is incredibly boring and only available at some hours.